UNI Neighborhood

Jardim do Mar village

  • Small market - Teresa
  • Bar & Restaurant
    Joe's Bar
    MAktub Guest House
  • Hiking - Jardim do Mar | Prazeres | Paul do Mar
    You have several options and will need a stick and boots.
    Start in Jardim do Mar climbing until Prazeres (Hotel Atlantico) go down to Paul do Mar and then walk along the coast to Jardim do Mar (very dangerous with big waves and only with low tide) Check the tide before here - Tides table
    You can also do the opposite way.
    Other option you can start in Jardim do Mar and climbin until the half mountain. There you will find a gazebo with a beautiful view over Jardim do Mar.
  • Jardim do Mar is known around the world as one of the best places to surf big waves. The world champion and many surfers usually give a spectacular show surfing 7mt waves

Around Jardim do Mar

  • Paul do Mar
    You can see a big Water fall from porto bay
    The waves near the coast have a paradisiacal blue.
    It is a spectacular sight to see surfers so close to the coast.
    Starting point for several hikes.
  • Calheta
    Sandy beach.
    Casa da Mudas - Contemporary art museum
    Gas Station
    Boat Marina - You can find wales watching enterprise.
  • Prazeres
    Good restaurants - Prazeres Rurais & Chico restaurant - Portuguese cuisine.
    Maloeira & Hotel Atlantico viewpoint

Near Mountains

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Rabaçal - Vereda da Lagoa do Vento
Fanal - Mystic Forest
Fanal - Levada dos Cedros
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